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New draught excluder dogs!

tartan-sausage-dog-draught-excluder-bendy1 tartan-sausage-dog-draught-excluder-long2 tartan-sausage-dog-draught-excluder-head1 tartan-sausage-dog-draught-excluder-head2 sausage-dog-draught-excludersAvailable from www.nicolarbell.co.uk

These dogs are made entirely from up-cycled materials!

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Snowflakes and Stripes

Greetings!  Whilst I am confined to the house, eating porridge and tea, wondering if my business cards will ever be delivered by parcel force, I can show you what I’ve been up to this week in preparation for this weekend’s Christmas craft market.

This snowflake was created with different threads than it’s predecessors simply because I ran out but I quite like it – it has a softer feel to it. I also ran out of blue ribbon but the gold seems to match as well

I’ve been making up some necklaces of my sister’s design which you can buy from Button Jewellery.co.uk. I was also running out of neck foxes so had an experiment using stripy fabric to see if I can create them from recycled fabrics. I remembered that a good few years ago, when I’d made some neck fox patterns for a plush toy making workshop at The Artmarket in Leeds, my friend Sarah made a really great one in stripy fabric and I have ever since been wanting to make a similar one!

I want to eventually make all my products from completely upcycled and recycled materials.

I also had a go at making a sausage dog in the same fabric with pink fleece ears and tail. I think I actually prefer the sausage dogs in patterned fabric so if they sell well I’ll make more of the same!

Check back soon to see if my adventures at the Christmas craft market were a success (and if I ever received my business cards….)

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