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New Dog Commissions

I’ve had a small flurry of requests for custom sausage dog draught excluders in the last month – I guess that’s what happens when people get a bit chilly and start searching for things to keep their house a bit warmer. Also, Christmas is next month; erk!









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New draught excluder dogs!

tartan-sausage-dog-draught-excluder-bendy1 tartan-sausage-dog-draught-excluder-long2 tartan-sausage-dog-draught-excluder-head1 tartan-sausage-dog-draught-excluder-head2 sausage-dog-draught-excludersAvailable from

These dogs are made entirely from up-cycled materials!

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Recent Work

Sausage Dog


Owl Experiment

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Everyone needs a fleecy anteater in their life…

…that’s why I will be making lots more of these soon, in a variety of colours. Watch this space!

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New Cats

A couple of new cats… the second one is admittedly a little unusual. Kind of reminds me of this!

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Photos from OPENING NIGHT – FRINGE 15th July 2011

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Customised Neck Fox

I’ve just posted off a customised neck fox that was commissioned as another birthday present

Strangely enough  my friend was in the post office posting off a T-shirt he’d made with a fox on it. FOX POSTING DAY!


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