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“Thousands of Cats Wearing Trousers and Hats”

I am on the look out for craft fairs now as I have a nice stock of brooches to sell. I am hoping I will be able to get a stall at the next Homemade in Leeds  – will let every one know the dates if I do.

I am also experimenting with new neck foxes – one of these accidentally turned into a dragony alligator thing; I will embroider some nice scales on him.

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High Tea In Progress









A friend of mine is bring out her own range of jewellery and accessories soon in Bristol and I’m posting some design ideas for her to look at (Hello Jen!)

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Latest Litter


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Kittens for Sale!

Just a quick note to say you can now buy some of my cat brooches on Unexpected Boutique.


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“Meeeo-ow (kitties..)” Unexpected Boutique

Yo. Today I am sewing more brooches to be sold at Unexpected Boutique

They might get buttons for eyes…but I kind of like them stitched  for now.  I’ll probably be sewing a lot of this stuff on the train with a thermos-flask  of tea to stop me from freezing to death, as I’m off to Leeds today to see all the people I’ve missed for six months. TOO exciting,  so much dancing is going to happen!

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