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More print…

This monday I had my last lesson of etching; I spent the whole lesson working on my aquatint plate, and managed to get one print at the end of the session from it, but this was left on the drying rack at the college (Will post it later)

This is what my etching looks like before I use my other copper plate with the Aquatint design etched into it. I will print one on top of the other to give more colour and definition to the design.

Next week – screen printing!

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Etchy, Flakey scalp?

For the last two weeks on a Monday night I have been learning to Etch at the Leeds College of Art and Design. It’s so precise that every time any one prints anything we all get a bit hyper.

Above is a piece of copper that has Aquatint on it that I’ve rolled my etching on to, so that next week I can paint acrylic in some really specific bits of it to add colour to the etching. Cor, yeah, it’s all pretty satisfying.

Other than that this week I went to Armley Mills Open Day to see what this residency is all about. Turns out it would probably be the best thing in the world. As well as going round all the regular museum cinema/loom/steam loco stuff, we also got to look in all the store rooms which were all a bit heart stoppingly full of all kinds of the kind of Old Shit that really pushes my buttons; old sewing machines, loads of negatives, a load of printing presses, machines, old wooden filling boxes, trunks, ancient computers, you know; THE BEST STUFF EVER. It was also on last Saturday which was so sunny – the canal was beautiful and apparently bares Otters. I find this hard to believe, but IMAGIN if there were otters in Leeds!
Armley Mills is also the head quatres of I Love West Yorkshire Arts Festival, so I got to meet the hundreds of plaster hippos that are being born for it down in the work shop. They are all called Denny. More on that later…

ALSO this week: Check out the blog I’m writing for Chapel Allerton Giant Puppet Parade here

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Hi – currently working on some art work for my friend’s Zine.  Heres a tiny bit of work in progress:

Off to Nous Vous’  ‘Awesome Movement / Fantastic Motion’ private view tonight at Harewood House – it’s on until June 13th, goseeit

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Bears. Repeating.

I am thinking of writing a proposal for This – I think a lot of fun could be had with this subject, i.e. lots of nice embarassing ‘Dad Joke’-esque double entendres and silly word play. I am also considering doing a print making course.

Also, it is AV Festival soon! I will be checking this out in Newcastle so will report back on my findings.

Creativity is slow off the ground at the moment as I am looking for a job in Leeds, but my mother is hosting two art classes today (Adults and then children) So that should be fairly interesting…..


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Kyoto International Manga Museum

Back in England!

Today I am e-mailing the Kyoto International Manga Museum about an exhibition of Japanese Folklore I saw in August while we were there.

Japanese Folklore is heavily influenced by Shinto and Buddhism, as these are the two main religions in Japan. It features some of the most surreal characters and story lines I’ve ever come across, and I got particularly excited about some of the ‘Yōkai‘ or monster spirit characters, as they have the ability to shape-shift, have supernatural powers and tend to be pretty irritating – for example, there is one character who hides in trees above paths that travelers often tread,  transforms him self into a giant disembodied head, and falls out of the tree infront of said traveler to terrify him. There is another character who has a giant eye instead of a bottom, and uses this to terrify people in a similar fashion by pulling down his trousers when they least expect.

Often these characters are a mixture of human and animal, and some can originate from as exotic locations as ‘The Capital of The Moon’ so there’s no end of fun to be had reading  about them.

This is ‘Kappa’; a kind of humanoid child sized amphibious river spirit. Kappa inhabit ponds and rivers in Japan and like to fart loudly and look up lady’s Kimonos. Kind of looks very similar to ‘Ponyo’ from Miyazaki’s new film of the same name, but where as Kappa are quite happy just being Kappa, Ponyo is a goldfish who wants to be a human girl. (Sigh, awesome)

I was really impressed with the KIMM – not only does it have an absolutely phenomenal library of Manga new and old, it has a complete history of how it developed and a tonne of interactive  stuff like this:

You can also enjoy a beer outside on the astro turf – complete with fake dirt!

Want to go back to Japaaaan.

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The Norman Rae Gallery presents: “As is Painting, so is Poetry”

Tomorrow (The 25th of January, ’10)  is the opening of “As is Painting, so is Poetry” at The Norman Rae Gallery, Langwith College, York University – ‘ A showcase of work by ten sets of british contemporary artists exploring the relationship between written word and visual communication.’

Some of my illustrations from my last six months travelling around South East Asia will be displayed alongside work by some awesome artists; Amelia Crouch, Jon Owen, David Steans, Hardeep Pandhal, Kirsty Noble and Gareth Durasow, Nous Vous Collective, David Prosser, Lucy Cheung and Sarah Dee Barrett.

Plus it’s free, and there’s wine.


In other news, I’m currently in Kuala Lumpur, waiting for the Hindu Festival Thaipusam on the 30th of this month. More on that later…

We visited the Kuala Lumpur Art Gallery today, and I was very much impressed with a painting by Zhang Zhengmin, featuring a man covered in pig stamps throwing up over a bird.

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Hello there. I’m in Vietnam, spending lots of my hard earned Dong.

I drew this in china but had to use it as an emergency tip money card for our ‘tour guide.’ Who knows what she will have thought of it… it is a drawing of ‘Pixiu’ the Horse Dragon; he is very lucky in China as he has a huge fat behind which means ‘nothing is getting out’ i.e, none of your money is going any where it shouldn’t.

I am currently drawing a lot around South East Asia and hope to do some more scribblings in Borneo in the new year…

Hopefully some of this should be shown in January in an exhibition starting the 25th of January. I hope! hope hope!

What else?

No, I don’t know either.

overandout xxx

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