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Felt – Messing around with the washing machine


Hii!  This is what happened when I experiemented with felt last week:



Mixing lots of oranges together and then wrapping them up to put them in the machine results in some quite good bangles (as below)


The felt beads were made with the tights method mentioned in one of my earlier posts. They need a bit of rolling when they come out of the machine, so it’s  bit time consuming



I also made this blue felt acorn cup like shape by winding the wool round tightly scrunched up plastic bags and then placing this in tights – I am thinking of making loads in varying sizes and shades and then stringing these together


Heres a bracelet I made out of the greens – I used wool and made a loop at the end so it can be undone, but infact its easy enough to just squash them over your wrist actually


The only downside to this method is its not so eco friendly if you’re putting a hot wash on to make them felt, so I think I’m going to see ifI can just throw stuff in with an ordinary clothes wash and see if it works as well (I suspect it probably will?)


YeAhhh felt.

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