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…it’s finished!

I’ve finished a few things today – one of which was the remains of a MASSIVE Guiness and chocolate cake I’d made on Monday night using Nigella Lawson’s recipe. To be honest I think she should include less sugar and more beer – might make it again later following this strategy! It was prreeettty tasty though.

I’ve also finished a dinosaur commission for a friend which will be in the post soon

The fleece fox has apparently now reached a post office in Sweden – how exciting!

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Customised Neck Fox

I’ve just posted off a customised neck fox that was commissioned as another birthday present

Strangely enough  my friend was in the post office posting off a T-shirt he’d made with a fox on it. FOX POSTING DAY!


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Cat Commission

Another cat is complete!

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Neck Sausage Dog Commission

This was the creature I made after receiving this e-mail –

“Saw your shop on fbook and timing is great as looking for something for brother’s birthday.
He bought for me the grey/blue neck fox you donated for sale at the Cry in the Dark Ball and I want to get one for him in return as I’ve used mine LOADS. Love it for long car journeys and impromptu snoozes on the couch 🙂 Almost brought him travelling but would have been too upset if I lost him.

How possible would it be to make the neck fox curved shape but with a sausage dog face and tail and little legs? Or would the legs get in the way of the comfort?? What’s your thoughts? Don’t mind too much about the colour, but it would be nice if he was that quite thick suedey type fabric that my neck fox is as I want him to stand extreme use! It wasn’t suede, but do you know the fabric I mean?”

As you can see I didn’t get round to attaching the legs, but we were both happy with that aspect of the design – it’s pretty fun making stuff that I haven’t made before that has been inspired by the stuff I already have! I really hope to do more commissions soon, it’s very  satisfying tailoring products to how people really want them

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