After two years on a waiting list, I have finally/terrifyingly been offered this plot!

As I generally find it hard enough to hoover my own house let along cut grass and hedges, this is a somewhat daunting prospect at the moment. Especially as I don’t actually own any tools…  It has helped that the previous owner (who is great!) has looked after it so well for well over five years, but also worries me a bit as there is already masses of fruit to look after – I don’t want to ruin it and will feel very guilty if any of fruits die!!

So. I now need to know how to look after pears, plumbs, apples (various), cherries, gooseberries, blueberries, blackberries, tayberries, raspberries, currents, grapes (yes… grapes!), crab apples, rhubarb, and some old strawberries.  I hope my new fruit family will be Ok….


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6 responses to “Allotment!

  1. Lawrie

    Can I help maintain, harvest, cook & consume the things please?

  2. A worthwhile wait for such a beautiful plot and a really established fruit selection. My plot was meadow when I started and it’s taken five years to get the soil into a worthwhile state and plant up a small selection of fruiting trees. Good luck with it, lots of mulching will keep the work down.

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