Lantern research…

I’m doing a spot of research in order to spark more ideas for lantern making workshops.

It’ll be useful to get an idea of what materials people will need to save up until September… click on the images for the sites I’ve been looking at and more instructions.

I want to recycle as much as possible – Hopefully parents will be able to save up loads of paper, plastic bottles, jars and possibly twigs until then!


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2 responses to “Lantern research…

  1. Kat

    Have you done lantern making before? When I was a kid we always did it with bendy withys and PVA soaked tissue paper, sadly, none of which was recycled, but it was all good fun and could do some really big things.

    • Thanks Kat! 🙂 I haven’t made any yet, but I think your method sounds like it would be really nice. I could probably source recycled tissue or at least tissue from scrap stores, and as for the glue there is a possibility I could use flour and water which would make it a bit less toxic perhaps? I definitely would like them to make something big as we aren’t really going to be restricted space wise (…unless it rains!)

      Really appreciate your comment and will take a look at your blog now!

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