New Website!

I’m not sure if I ever announced the launch of the new web shop yet as I haven’t added all my stock to it, but HERE IT IS! More stock on the way…

I’ve been very busy undertaking whole weekends of pretty intensive learning on a permaculture design course over the last couple of months amongst other things and thangs but I managed to get up to Cumbria last weekend. I met up with a local ceramic artist and we are in the process of designing a workshop that will take place there this September for the ‘Scouts Jubilee’.  The emphasis is on recycling stuff, and making lanterns, as it is taking place on a site where families are going to camp over. Apparently I get a yurt to do it in – woop.

At Glastonbury last year I was part of the Bhopal Medical Appeal recycling crew – the charity had their own workshop space within the festival and were making amazing bottle/fabric lantern people with paper mache heads:

See the Bhopal Flickr album

I think this is a nice starting point although I’m not sure if we would have access to a generator to light them up… I might be better to make smaller lanterns along these lines…

We might have access to clay, so I want to do another activity which involves making up your own animal, foraging around for things to make it out of using a clay base, and then thinking about it’s habitat/food and how long it lives for etc. I think this would probably appeal to kids? At least I hope so….

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