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Lantern research…

I’m doing a spot of research in order to spark more ideas for lantern making workshops.

It’ll be useful to get an idea of what materials people will need to save up until September… click on the images for the sites I’ve been looking at and more instructions.

I want to recycle as much as possible – Hopefully parents will be able to save up loads of paper, plastic bottles, jars and possibly twigs until then!


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New Website!

I’m not sure if I ever announced the launch of the new web shop yet as I haven’t added all my stock to it, but HERE IT IS! More stock on the way…

I’ve been very busy undertaking whole weekends of pretty intensive learning on a permaculture design course over the last couple of months amongst other things and thangs but I managed to get up to Cumbria last weekend. I met up with a local ceramic artist and we are in the process of designing a workshop that will take place there this September for the ‘Scouts Jubilee’.  The emphasis is on recycling stuff, and making lanterns, as it is taking place on a site where families are going to camp over. Apparently I get a yurt to do it in – woop.

At Glastonbury last year I was part of the Bhopal Medical Appeal recycling crew – the charity had their own workshop space within the festival and were making amazing bottle/fabric lantern people with paper mache heads:

See the Bhopal Flickr album

I think this is a nice starting point although I’m not sure if we would have access to a generator to light them up… I might be better to make smaller lanterns along these lines…

We might have access to clay, so I want to do another activity which involves making up your own animal, foraging around for things to make it out of using a clay base, and then thinking about it’s habitat/food and how long it lives for etc. I think this would probably appeal to kids? At least I hope so….

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Running low on Fleas? You’re In Luck.

ImageWharf Chambers (formerly known as The Common Place) are hosting a Flea Market and Craft Bazaar!

I will be there with some discounted sausage dogs and my usual badges, cats and felt.


THERE ARE STILL STALLS LEFT! Stalls £5 per table + suggested donation of 10% of profits

All proceeds will go to Wharf Chambers

Ground Floor, 23 – 25 Wharf Street, LS2 7EQ Leeds

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