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…it’s finished!

I’ve finished a few things today – one of which was the remains of a MASSIVE Guiness and chocolate cake I’d made on Monday night using Nigella Lawson’s recipe. To be honest I think she should include less sugar and more beer – might make it again later following this strategy! It was prreeettty tasty though.

I’ve also finished a dinosaur commission for a friend which will be in the post soon

The fleece fox has apparently now reached a post office in Sweden – how exciting!

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I’ve just finished a rather hug-worthy white fox commission and thought I’d share some images.

I have been messing around with the neck fox templates a bit as I haven’t perfected them yet and they needed a bit of work

Unfortunately my scan disk for my camera has stopped working so I don’t have the images I’d taken at the start of the construction process which is quite annoying but here’s the later stages:

This was how he looked before the eyes and ears were stitched on.

Finished Fleecy Fox!

This fox was made with white fleece – I am thinking of making more out of fleece as it’s very cosy and I may experiment with using wheat and lavender kernels as a filling as I’ve seen fleece pillows like this in the past that you can heat in the microwave. It may be a bit heavy though as the foxes are pretty large!

I also have a dinosaur in the making at the moment, more on this later

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