What the WHAT? It’s nearly the end of 2011 already. Which means I need to get Christmas presents sort out pretty sharpish. I’m hoping to pick up a few at the LS6 Craft Fair I have a stall at this Saturday taking place at The Left Bank in Hyde Park (Just down the road from the Co Op on Cardigan Rd) if you’re thinking of coming along, it’d FREE ENTRY! Woop

I would recommend combing this with a visit to the ReMade Christmas clothes swap which is on 12noon- 4pm, at 25 Back Kensington Terrace – I’m gutted I can’t go due to manning my stall at The Leftbank!

Despite being ill in bed today with a horrible cold I am pretty elated due to having started a new job this week with the Permaculture Association – YAY!  There are millions of reasons why I’m so excited about this, plenty of which are just down to the ace people I’m going to be working with, but I also feel like my interests in design for sustainability and textiles, growing carrots in hoovers and This Guy all seem to be so massively relevant.

I have also just turned 26 and I spent my birthday watching Frozen Planet and an amazing film from the fifties called THE KILLER SHREWS on a projector while eating curry. I would recommend THE KILLER SHREWS because it hilariously involves terrible puppetry twinned with whippets dressed in giant shrew costumes.


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