Otley Courthouse Christmas Fair

The Christmas Fair in Otley yesterday was pretty busy! I managed to sell all my snowflakes pretty quickly so I am going to have to make some more.

I got chatting with some of the girls on other stalls and was given a zine they had produced as a group called “Craft Soup” – over a hundred designer makers from Yorkshire have banded together on facebook and twitter to let each other know the dates of craft fairs, which ones are the most successful and to generally support and promote each other and give advice. I have been relying on word of mouth and research on craft forums until now, which can be fairly sporadic and time consuming, but this seems to be a very active and fun group who are local to me so I’m very glad to have met them!

I have been advised by just about every one there that the CND fair in Victoria Hall, Saltaire next weekend is an busy and successful one, so I am hoping to go and explore it on Saturday and find out what it’s all about!

This morning I had an interview for a really excellent national charity and research association and I think I blew it! Doh.

Better get started on the snowflakes

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