New Favourite Book!

A couple of posts ago I wrote briefly about some japanese embroidery techniques which I found quite interesting – when I was in Otley this Saturday snooping around the eight million or so charity shops it seems to be endowed with I came across this book on Chinese folk embroidery and had to get it

It’s full of excellent photographs of examples and has a section at the back explaining the techniques

These animal designs are applique panels designed to decorate skirts

This guy looks a little like AN EXPERT!!!!

I love how naughty this last lion looks

I’m going to read up on some of the history of these pieces as I’m quite inspired by some of the designs, and am getting increasingly interested in embroidery from around the world now. When travelling in Asia I took hundreds of photographs of embroidered traditional Vietnamese clothing which I need to dig out, and I think I also took some in a museum in Borneo which would be equally cool to look back at now.

I have definitely always been interested in the use of animal forms in traditional art. I really want to get some books about North American mythology/art because its SO interesting, especially Inuit art – I’m not quite sure why I’m drawn to it so much but stuff like this is amazing

My other good book purchase that day was The invisible Man by H.G Wells for only 50p! My less successful purchase was that of some aquarium plants which unfortunately blew away in the wind. I was quite upset.

(In another way, the image of some one in Otley browsing the windows of a cup cake shop suddenly being engulfed in Amazon Sword made me quite happy.)

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