Little Stabs

Quite a good while ago I was talking to a friend of mine who was running a rag rugging workshop at Project Space Leeds for ReMade – we were looking at a cushion that happened to be present at the time, and as she is currently doing her reasearch on the subject of fashion and textiles she knows a lot about it and mentioned that the decorative embroidery on the surface of the cushion is something called  Sashiko stitch, a japanese form of reinforcing fabric. I have since found out that the name literally translates as “little stabs.”

I think it is really attractive technique – it was originally used in japan to reinforce fisherman’s robes against wear and tear. The cushion in question had the stitches running in many lines adjacent to each other across it which I especially liked , but I can’t find a good example of this on the internet

My friend Alicia uses this stitch to embroider cardboard and in some of her other works

I tried to use this technique along with blanket stitch when decorating a felt flower I made for my sister recently.

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