This is where I am making the things

Hello there! There are quite a few things I want to write about this week, including and amazing Steampunk Market that we bumped into this weekend at The Left Bank in Hyde Park, Leeds. But for some reason this morning I’ve ended up taking pictures of my work area.

I really like pictures of where creative people work. I think there has actually been a book produced which is dedicated to these sorts of photographs. I stumbled upon PinkBeast‘s blog the other day which has some really nice pictures of her amazing work/ house in it, which reminded me of this sort of thing. I wonder if there is a FLickr group for work areas? There is one for craft booths called “Show Me Your Booths” (ho ho) which I quite like looking at, I think it makes every one’s work a bit more Real or something.

This week I ended up getting rid of a lot of the stuff in my corner of the room, and am now stashing most of my fabric in my bedroom, which makes it all a lot less cluttered, a bit more boring but a lot nicer to work in.  I’ve found that now instead of ending up sewing on my bed, I’m tending to sit down at my desk a lot more.

I’m working on some green stars at the moment which may shortly be appearing on Unexpected Boutique

I used to have loads of bits and bobs stuck onto the wall (postcards and prints) with blu tac but I think as there’s already so much stuff in the room it tended to just look FAR too cluttered and make me feel a bit mental, so I think it’s better this way! A shame, because I love all the postcards, but they’re now stuck on the back of the bathroom door.

This blog post was brought to you with help from 6Music, toast, Kate Bush, cups of tea and incredible rainstorm that is giving me an excellent excuse not to leave the house.


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4 responses to “This is where I am making the things

  1. Nice. I wish I had a bit more space to work on fun things in. I just have too much junk cluttering everything up!
    I saw some photos of an cool illustrator’s work space a few weeks ago – a little cottage looking out into the woods. It looked like the perfect set-up.

  2. That sounds AMAZING, where did you see the photographs? Were there woodburners?! did you see this in the metro? :
    Do you have an office type room? Or do you work in your living room?

  3. Ah! I found it! It’s this guy –
    Workplace photos are a little way down that page. He’s an illustrator / outdoorsman. What a dude!
    Yeah, that house is really cool. I’d love to live somewhere like that.
    At the minute, I just use my crappy little desk – but I’m trying to clear some of the crud out of one of the top floor rooms to turn into an office / library.

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