Umbrella Ghost

About a year or so ago I came back from South East Asia and blogged a little about about Yokai; demons from Japanese folklore. I’d seen some descriptions of them in the Kyoto Manga Museum and had taken a liking to them.

The other day I was looking through my boyfriend’s film collection and spotted something called ‘Yokai War’ which we ended up watching . It has reminded me how much I love Japanese monsters and got me thinking I probably want to make some textile or plush Yokai my self… or possibly construct them from paper clay and fabric…

Here’s some of my favourites:

Obviously I love Kappa as it’s one of the most famous and annoying of the Yokai. Kappa lives in water is generally horrible but quite likes cucumbers.

Kitsune are foxes who can shape shift into humans and grow multiple tails. Once they are at the age of 1000 they gain their ninth tail, silver fur, and become gods.

Ningyo are Japanese mermaids. They aren’t very similar to their western counterparts – in fact they’re horribly grotesque and look more like a monkey crossed with a carp.

Kasa-Obake has to be one of the strangest – it is an Umbrella Ghost that has come alive after 100 years of being neglected. Think about it next time you end up loosing an unbrella…

This would be a pretty good Halloween costume… if I have time I’ll do it!!

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