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Robot Den

Happy Monday all,

Last year I got involved with some giant puppet making for Chapel Allerton Arts festival in Leeds, and a was pretty bloody fun/funny. I’m luckily participating in more giant puppet builds this year for Grassington Festival, (more on that later…) but this weekend I again was lured back to Chapel Allerton to help out with a bit of prep for this years Arts Festival, which is going to be space themed!

Planning took place at Inkwell on saturday – den building is going to be a massive activity during the festival, run by The Den Project. The group wanted to explore the idea of creating a massive alien landscape that throughout the day would need habitats to be built all over it by any one who feels the urge to do so. The organiser’s kids came along to help us, and together with a lot of bits of cardboard and shiny stuff we managed to make a pretty good tardis and spaceship/mansion under their instructions. A couple of robots and a robot dog were also produced to populate the place and every one had a very good time. I cannot wait to do this on a larger scale!

If any one wants to get involved with this on the day, let me know. There’s also going to be A┬áPLANETARIUM! (!!!!)

Chapel Allerton Arts Festival starts this year ont he 29th of August and ends on the 4th of September

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Bank Holiday Craft Stall

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