Hello, I have just come back from a successful day of selling craft at the Handmade Craft Fair – photos of this to follow

Last week I was experimenting with felt making. I created this felt book as a birthday present for my friend and used embroidery threads, buttons, wool and the sewing machine to decorate it. It was a lot of fun so I will probably make more.

I have been researching how to make 3D felt pieces such as vases and slippers and have had a bit of a go at it but it wasnt greatly successful – I was thinking if I could make a sort of curved fish shape it might be nice to make embroidered brightly coloured fish as a wall hanging or mobile.

Today at Handmade I spoke to some one who suggested making felt beads for necklaces by rolling raw wool into balls and putting them in to tights, separated by a knot – bang the lot in the washing machine on a high temperature and this felts the wool for you. To make the balls tighter you can use a felting needle to push the fibres together. I am going to try to make bracelets this way, could be an interesting experiement!

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