Fish Chips and Nudity


I’m currently sourcing material that might help me design a logo for this month’s Test Space: Kitchen which is sea themed (bring on the squid) .  The night will feature what sounds like the most mouth wateringly poncey fish and chips ever, really vulgar sea shanties, Russian roulette food, Jelly eating competitions, the opportunity to throw lots of stuff at some other stuff, (exactly what it sounds like) a peep show and general nakedness. And much more involving booze.

I’m also designing a label for my friend’s new product range which she hopes to start selling on stalls in Bristol within the next month.

While trawling the depths of google image search yesterday I came across the artist Alain Valet and instantly took a liking to his china ink drawings

Also found this image which isn’t really relevant but I wanted to keep for future reference. And its funny. And its my blog shutup.

Also within the last couple of weeks I’ve been painting the walls of PSL during the mornings as theres a new exhibition in the readying – Roger Palmer ‘Latitude’/ Jeremy Wafer ‘Tropic’, photographic projects from the Tropic of Capricorn. There will be an opening during Light Night (October the 8th 6-8pm) with free drinks,  and also the excellent combo of Soup and Cinema

I’ve also started working at Oblong Community Centre in Woodhouse as part of the design collective but as I haven’t had a chance to go down there very much for the last few weeks I’ll leave that story for another time.

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