Clams on Parade

On Saturday I was part of team Clam at Chapel Allerton Arts Festival as part of the giant puppet parade I have been volunteering for.  During a series of Saturdays a bunch of us constructed the clam (Carlos) out of willow, cellophane and tissue paper. Originally it was going to have bubbles blowing from it, but this proved a bit tricky. It still had the proposed up and down clamming motion though in its finished state, and I was in charge of The Clamming which was tough on the arms but probably not as hard as carrying the thing.




Other sea creatures in the parade included an octopus, a huge and quite terrifying mermaid and hundreds of giant fish, jellyfish, and tiny fish that school children had made.



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2 responses to “Clams on Parade

  1. Good clamming! I’m hoping that was a subtle “Hens On Parade” reference in the title too – if it was, I’m honoured!

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