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Beasty #2


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I know it’s only the start of september but I’m already thinking I want to start making a Halloween costume! I don’t even know yet what it is I’ll be doing on Halloween (There IS a Beardriver gig…) but as I’ve only ever dressed up properly about twice I want to make up for lost time and make something ridiculous. 

A couple of years back I was a lobster, but this only took about an evening preparation and some running around town trying to find red trousers. 


This year I want to do something a bit more extravagant; my initial ideas were something along the lines of some kind of shaman, or a wolf in a sort of north american indian head dress style.  Having a think about it now I’ve also kind of been inspired by the costumes for the stage production of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials… 



…any of the costumes from The Wickerman have a lot of potential….

…and also ‘The forest Spirit’ from Ghibli’s Princess Mononoko because it’s so freaky I’m sure you could make something quite horrible based around it. 


I’m going to make some sketches tomorrow! 

Hopefully I will just end up looking like this: 




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Clams on Parade

On Saturday I was part of team Clam at Chapel Allerton Arts Festival as part of the giant puppet parade I have been volunteering for.  During a series of Saturdays a bunch of us constructed the clam (Carlos) out of willow, cellophane and tissue paper. Originally it was going to have bubbles blowing from it, but this proved a bit tricky. It still had the proposed up and down clamming motion though in its finished state, and I was in charge of The Clamming which was tough on the arms but probably not as hard as carrying the thing.




Other sea creatures in the parade included an octopus, a huge and quite terrifying mermaid and hundreds of giant fish, jellyfish, and tiny fish that school children had made.



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Look Out!!

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