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Here’s another example of my first messings around with etching

This print uses tissue paper for the eyes which is a very old technique to get blocks of colour into print work. It can be a bit tricky as is anything involving tiny bits of tissue in close proximity to glue and fingers.

I tried a couple of prints using different coloured tissues for the eyes – the yellow worked quite well also.

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Another etching – for this one I used two plates; one with the etching design and another with the aquatint to give different layers of colour. I mixed up a couple of green inks and a bit of blue I think…

To get the two plates to match I made the etching plate first, printed this on to the aquatint plate and then made up my aquatint layers.

Off to the lakes!

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This is another of my first attempts at etching – I took a varnished copper plate home with me and used an ordinary sewing needle to scratch out the design, then dunked it in the acid the next time I has a print class.

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Hello there

I have been away for a while…moving house and getting a new supply of hot running internet gushing around my poor long suffering dustbothered Dell proved rather time consuming.

Things I am liking at the moment:

Baking; recently I missed the bus back from london having spent too much time in Hackney picking blackberries. Hackberries. They made some really goopy Hackberry and White Chocolate muffins though.  I’ve also tried my hand at a slimming world chocolate cake, some blueberry muffins and a rather altered recipy for carrot cake. As I’m leaving one of my jobs this week I’ll have to make a load more to take in…

I’m going to start experimenting with bread – have been inspired by The Hand Made Bakery who actually have a job as a baker/bread revolutionary’ at present, which I sadly can’t really apply for as I live so far away, but I want to visit!

Biking – I really need to learn how to maintain my bike as it has gotten all squeaky.

I have recently met some one who works for the permaculture association and have wondered why I haven’t really heard of it before as it is really relevent to a lot of things I think about quite often. There is a diploma in permaculture design that is possible to study in Leeds – tempting! They had a stall at Unity Day also

La Rosa Hotel and campsite, Whitby

Quirky, kitschy, cakey and retro, I want to go again! You even get a breakfast hamper, and our hotel room was upgraded from the cosy ‘Caravan’ themed room to ‘Stoker’, sporting vampy deco, sea view, bowler hat and the biggest bath you’ve ever seen. Ate  too much of the breakfast picnic hamper and was sick some hours later after swimming in robin hoods bay. LOOK AT THE CAMPSITE! IT LOOKS AMAZING!

Throat singing

Donna Walker – I recently visited this ladie’s aboad and she has a pretty awesome set up at the bottom of her garden having set up a workshop in a shed for all her sawing and hammering.  She has recently been displaying some of her furniture in an exhibition in Hackney called ‘The Residency’ which you should vote for here: [VOTE!] [Donna’s Website]

Painting m’room maroon

Netsuke – saw some awesome carvings in Greenwich market last weekend and took down the e-mail address of the supplier as they are going to make a new website. I will post the address here when they are done. Really excellent wood/affordable pieces which I’d love to own but woud know what to do with/display.

I also finnished my printing elective and will scan in some examples of the screen printing and further etching I completed before I left. I wanted to get onto a furniture building course but it was too popular so I am going to have to just hope some one pulls out of it…

More soon

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