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This time last week when the weather was actually bordering on acceptable and warm enough to leaving the house, I took my self down to the opening of the new Hermann Obrist exhibition, which is on at The Henry Moore Institute Leeds until the 29th August. I was quite pleased to find it not to just be another dull excuse to get hold of some free/putrid wine. Having never heard of the Munich-based Art nouveau sculptor before I was pleased to see a display of his very organic geometric Victorian influences which in turn have seemingly inspired pieces which could quite easily have sprung from the set of a sci-fi/Gothic epic. These seem quite ill fitted for the 1900s which makes them all the more impressive.
His work ranges from textiles and etchings to room filling organic plaster tombs, fountains and spiraling sculptural forms. The collection also features a bunch of photographs from the Museum Fur Gestaltung in Zurich and drawings from the Staatliche Graphische Sammlung in Munich; as a lot of Obrist’s work was destroyed during the wars these photos/drawings are all that remain of some of these pieces.


He also went on to teach some of the founding members of the Bauhaus movement. In short I think he’s pretty interesting and worth exploring.

Tonight  I will be venturing to the Leeds University and Leeds Met degree show openings. The last year I went down to the Met opening they ran out of wine, but had an emergency back up supply of White Lightening piled high beneath the catering tables. Classy.

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More print…

This monday I had my last lesson of etching; I spent the whole lesson working on my aquatint plate, and managed to get one print at the end of the session from it, but this was left on the drying rack at the college (Will post it later)

This is what my etching looks like before I use my other copper plate with the Aquatint design etched into it. I will print one on top of the other to give more colour and definition to the design.

Next week – screen printing!

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Latest Litter


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Sewing workshop and Puppet blog

HelloG! Take a look at the Chapel Allerton Arts Festival Giant Puppet parade blog!

Heres and example of one of the mock up puppets artist and designer Tony Wade has created for year 5 students to start building next week. The head was made by children in previous workshops.

Yesterday I was helping out at Project Space Leeds with their Forties Summer Fete. It was a vintage affair with lots of nice retro clothing stalls,  antiques, cake, cream tea and home made gifts

Eleanor Snare and I lead a sewing workshop; we made a variety of fabric animals and monsters with visitors who only had to pay a pound to participate. We were very impressed with one girl’s multi coloured cat which she created completely from scratch with very little instruction from either of us!  Eleanor also made a dress by re-styling a striped t-shirt with some blue fabric, and a floral bag – photos to follow!

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