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Etchy, Flakey scalp?

For the last two weeks on a Monday night I have been learning to Etch at the Leeds College of Art and Design. It’s so precise that every time any one prints anything we all get a bit hyper.

Above is a piece of copper that has Aquatint on it that I’ve rolled my etching on to, so that next week I can paint acrylic in some really specific bits of it to add colour to the etching. Cor, yeah, it’s all pretty satisfying.

Other than that this week I went to Armley Mills Open Day to see what this residency is all about. Turns out it would probably be the best thing in the world. As well as going round all the regular museum cinema/loom/steam loco stuff, we also got to look in all the store rooms which were all a bit heart stoppingly full of all kinds of the kind of Old Shit that really pushes my buttons; old sewing machines, loads of negatives, a load of printing presses, machines, old wooden filling boxes, trunks, ancient computers, you know; THE BEST STUFF EVER. It was also on last Saturday which was so sunny – the canal was beautiful and apparently bares Otters. I find this hard to believe, but IMAGIN if there were otters in Leeds!
Armley Mills is also the head quatres of I Love West Yorkshire Arts Festival, so I got to meet the hundreds of plaster hippos that are being born for it down in the work shop. They are all called Denny. More on that later…

ALSO this week: Check out the blog I’m writing for Chapel Allerton Giant Puppet Parade here

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Giant Puppet Workshops for Chapel Allerton Arts Festival

Happy May all,

I’ve recently become involved with a project that aims to get children from local primary schools and young adults from within the community to try their hand at a spot of puppet building for this year’s Chapel Allerton Arts Festival. The puppets will range from small hand held pieces to lumbering great carnival style jobbies, and are destine to form a colourful boat themed parade through Chapel Allerton’s streets to kick off the festival weekend. This year the festival is starting from Monday 30th August – Sunday 5th of September. Check out the festival web site here.

Artist Tony Wade of Yorkshire’s ‘Faceless – Access to the Arts’ ( will be leading workshops, along with volunteers. The school workshops will be starting at the end of May and carry on through out the summer.
The Community workshops taking place on Saturdays in July are aimed to teach young adults some new puppet building skills – I am really looking forward to helping out as this is something I’m really interested in, and some of the pieces proposed look like quite a challenge! A large enough location for some uber builds is being scoped out by the festival organisers this week.
I have agreed to help out with a blog documenting the ongoing workshops for the next couple of months, so stay tuned for a link/more info re: when and where you can attend the community workshops.

Also this month; check out Armley Mills – The MillSpace Residency and their open day on Saturday 22nd May

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